Laugh it off!

Once you can reach a point with chronic pain that you can laugh at something like this, you know you are on some sort of right path. How many times has someone with chronic pain or any other invisible illness been asked this question. Whether you have chronic pain, depression, anxiety anything that is invisible on the outside, I am pretty sure you have heard this question.

I am finally at peace with the fact that I will most likely have chronic pain forever. It has given me a strong purpose that has finally built me up instead of destroying me. I wasted too many years of my life focusing on pain and a cure for my pain. I can finally live! Some days every hour is different: bipolar pain? Some nights I cannot stop thinking about how much certain parts of my face, head, and back hurt and it drives me nuts. I wake up the next morning and leave that pain behind. “Thank you pain, you screwed up my evening but today is a new day and you will not get in the way!”

People (out of love) will still ask me: “There has to be a cure right?” or “When are you getting better??” HUGE difference between acute pain and chronic pain. Chronic pain never goes away. The pain may always be there but I am a lot better and my mission is to help and inspire people to get to a point where I am.


Laugh it off!


4 thoughts on “Laugh it off!

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